The Dagestan official who stole 175 million was replaced with a suspended sentence for a real one


A Dagestan official who stole 175 million rubles from the Social Insurance Fund has had his probation replaced with a real one, RIA Novosti reports.

As reported, the decision was made by the Supreme Court of Dagestan. In December 2022, the former cashier of the Levashinsky district administration was given a suspended sentence (3.5 years in prison) for insurance fraud and forgery. Prosecutors appealed the verdict.

The Supreme Court of Dagestan ruled that earlier the court “did not fully take into account the nature and degree of public danger of the crime.” The accused was reportedly taken into custody in the courtroom.

The report says that the cashier’s accomplices were administration officials and directors of 35 schools. Their fraud was associated with the preparation of false documents and the accrual of insurance payments to non-existent employees.

Criminal cases against other members of the organized group are separated into a separate proceeding, the report says.

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