The court ordered Karaulov to refute information about the supply of fuel to Ukraine from the Bulgarian plant of LUKOIL


The Moscow Arbitration Court ordered journalist Andrey Karaulov (recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent) to remove the video clips and issue a refutation of the information he spread about the supply of diesel fuel to Ukraine from the Bulgarian plant of LUKOIL.

Reportedly Online authorities, LUKOIL, in its lawsuit against Mr. Karaulov, noted that the information disseminated by the journalist did not correspond to reality and was repeatedly publicly refuted.

As follows from the operative part of the court decision, unreliable statements were spread by Andrey Karaulov in January in two stories on his YouTube channel. Untrue and discrediting, the court recognized four fragments of publications, which state, in particular, that “more than half of the tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine … operate on this diesel fuel, which was actually obtained from Russia.” The decision of the court has not yet entered into force and can still be appealed to a higher authority.

On January 18, the former head of the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance, Asen Vasilev, said in an interview with a German newspaper Weltthat the country supplied Ukraine with diesel fuel produced at the LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas plant. In LUKOIL declaredthat the Bulgarian authorities have never applied to the company with a request to supply fuel to Ukraine. The Russian company warned that it was ready to defend its business reputation in court. The claims of the oil company against Mr. Vasilev and Welt were not reported.

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