The British archbishop did not like the Lord’s Prayer


Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell did not like the Lord’s Prayer, he said that the prayer has a “patriarchal connotation”, writes the British newspaper Guardian. This is stated in the material RIA Novosti.

Cottrell says the word “father” can be problematic for some, referring to those who have had bad experiences with their birth fathers.

The archbishop also said that the word “father” can be offensive to those who “work hard because of the patriarchal way of life.” At the same time, the archbishop attributed himself to this category.

Cottrell’s statements caused discontent and controversy in the Anglican Church. In particular, it was noted there that the prayer “Our Father” was first offered by Jesus Christ. The Church of England wondered if Cottrell thought Christ was wrong. He was also accused of prioritizing culture over the Bible.

Earlier it was reported that the Church of England is exploring the possibility of using “gender-neutral” terms to refer to God.

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