The authorities are not going to change the budget rule due to the effect of self-heating of the ruble


The decision not to make purchases of foreign currency into reserves for oil and gas windfalls until the end of the year against the background of the collapse of the ruble, which was announced by the Central Bank on August 9, de facto suspended the budget rule in 2023. This step caused a new round of discussion of possible adjustments to the rule in the expert community. In June, at SPIEF 2023, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov also made changes. He said this in an interview with RBC-TV. Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov said at the forum that adjustments are inevitable. “We don’t care for him [разговору о бюджетном правиле] we will return, because in the parameters that we agreed on a year and a half ago, we will not go any further,” Reshetnikov noted.

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