The attitude of Russians to the return of Western brands is revealed


VTsIOM: more than half of Russians are happy with the return of foreign brands

More than half of Russian citizens (54%) reacted loyally to the return of foreign brands to the country under other brands, 21% are positive. The results of the study were published by VTsIOM.

Brand lovers met more often in Moscow and St. Petersburg (26%), in megacities (26%) and places with inhabitants from 500 to 950 thousand people (26%), less often in villages (16%).

Rather, 18% reacted negatively to the news. Most often they were residents of cities with a population of 100 to 500 thousand people (25%), least often – residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow (9%).

The all-Russian survey “VTsIOM-Sputnik” was held on June 24, 2023 by phone among 1,600 citizens aged eighteen and over.

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