The Ambassador of Ukraine to Brazil sharply commented on Germany’s disagreement with the supply of cluster munitions


Melnyk sent “to hell” the deputy of the Bundestag, who opposed the supply of cluster munitions to Ukraine

The Ukrainian ambassador to Brazil, Andriy Melnyk, sent “to hell” Bundestag deputy Ralf Stenger and other German politicians who opposed sending cluster munitions to Kyiv. He also suggested that they “stay on their sofas.”

“Go to hell with your advice. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Were you in Ukraine during the 500 days of the war? If not, then stay on your Biedermeier sofa,” wrote the former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany.

The United States recently announced a new military aid package for Kyiv that also mentioned DPICM cluster munitions. Most countries did not support such a decision, including the UK and Spain.

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