“Tekstilshchik-m” retained 2nd place in the Ivanovo Region Championship round


The youth team of the Ivanovo “Tekstilshchik” continues to play in the Ivanovo Region Football Championship. Players from the “Tekstilshchik” system took the 3rd place before the match against FC “Kohma”, dropping lower due to a draw, which the red-blacks showed, playing with the leader of the tournament table – “Rodnik”.

Last weekend “Tekstilshchik-m” won the first victory in the 2nd round of the Ivanovo Region Championship. If in the match against “Spring” the red-blacks earned only one, then “Kohma” the nearest reserve of the main team of the Ivanovo region won. The match of the Ivanovo Region Championship ended with the score 5:2 in favor of Tekstilshchik-m.

Thus, “Tekstilshchik-m” regained 2nd place in the Ivanovo Region Championship, but “Koperator” is only 1 point behind and has a match in hand.

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