Tamara Gverdtsiteli commented on the rumors about the refusal to sing in Russian


Tamara Gverdtsiteli said that she cannot imagine her repertoire without songs in Russian

Georgian singer Tamara Gverdtsiteli explained why she continues to perform with a repertoire in Russian. In an interview with TVC21, she said that she could not imagine her concert without Russian songs.

“It’s like putting together a bouquet, where different flowers are next to each other, which makes up a single composition,” she explained. – This is the charm! At her concert, as the singer noted, Russian songs are heard along with Georgian songs, as well as in Belarusian, Ukrainian, French, Hebrew, Yiddish. “This is such a bouquet! I am happy to serve this,” she said.

In 2022, Gverdtsiteli moved to Georgia and postponed her performances in the Russian Federation for an indefinite period. In March, after a long silence, the singer announced that she was working on the musical “Sunset Boulevard” in Armenia. A month later, it became known: Gverdtsiteli had planned several concerts in the USA. After that, the activists appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Investigative Committee with a request to deprive her of Russian citizenship. The director of the performer, Sergei Pudovkin, called the reports about the deprivation of Gverdtsiteli’s citizenship stupidity.

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