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Representatives of the Taliban government (an organization banned in the Russian Federation) expressed their desire to participate in the upcoming summit of the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which is to be held in 2024 in Astana. An official statement about this was published on July 5 on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, Vedomosti reports.

Since 2012, Afghanistan has been an observer in the SCO and seeks to become a full member of the organization. However, after the fall of pro-government US-backed forces in Kabul and the Taliban seized power in September 2021, Afghan representatives stopped receiving invitations to official SCO events.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement: “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan welcomes the holding of such meetings to improve coordination in ensuring the security of the region and develop cooperation and considers Afghanistan’s participation in such events as its inalienable right.”

The Taliban also said they support the final Declaration of the SCO summit in New Delhi, which emphasizes the need for an “independent, stable, unified, war- and drug-free Afghanistan.”

However, they voiced their disagreement with claims that the Afghan government is not inclusive. The statement also said: “There are representatives of all languages ​​and races in our state, and the problems faced by the members of the SCO can be resolved, given these facts.”

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