Styles and generations mixed in the June hit parade


“Stars” wanted to get married

Young people are active, veterans clearly do not want to give in to them. The first summer chart has enough seasonal rhythm and enough new products. Stars of different generations, of course, have their own understanding of the summer hit, and the plus here is that the public has plenty to choose from.

When the singer Anna Asti separated from the duet Artik & Asti and became an independent musical unit, it was well understood that with these “asti” there was a little overkill and someone would definitely confuse them. And so we did it. In the past hit parade, Anna’s song was erroneously labeled as a duet composition. Now the unfortunate misunderstanding has been corrected, but the chance to be deceived again remains, especially considering that both of them release a lot of hits (Anna had a split in the June chart with the tracks “I Want to Get Married” and “I Believe in You”), and also the songs Artik & Asti and just Asti can hear a certain common musical denominator. However, the main thing is that the hits do not end.

Although the topics for them sometimes do not shine with variety. Both Anna Asti and Klava Koka simultaneously express their intention to get married. Let’s hope that no one confuses these girls, although sometimes they seem to buy their songs in the same store.

Most likely, it will not work to confuse Vladimir Presnyakov and Stas Kostyushkin. These men are from the times when the artists differed from each other as much as possible. Everyone then terribly wanted to be individuals, the intention of many retrostars can be traced to this day, and in the era of stamped beats and the same vocal techniques, some old-fashioned looks very elegant. Of course, with the songs “Live” and “Queen”, Presnyakov and Kostyushkin obviously do not take any new heights for themselves, but they clearly do not spoil the June chart.

For hip-hop in the top twenty, Kravts and Gio Pika are taking the rap, who together gave out a fusion of reading and chanson brutalism in the spirit of Grigory Leps, as well as the conqueror of streaming and arenas Macan, who is very successful in hookah rap. The tracks “Where Have You Gone” and Asphalt 8 can quite rightly be reproached for some routine, but the public, apparently, has its own perception. And if critics are already sick of local rap and there has been quite a lot of reflections on the topic that our hip-hop revolution has somehow subsided, then this genre still causes tides of enthusiasm among consumers. Although in the album chart all rappers were removed by K-pop in the interpretation of the exotic boy band Stray Kids. Let’s see if this is good news…

The production duo of cool dance mix specialists Filatov & Karas, meanwhile, can celebrate a big victory. In the top ten radio hits, they famously beat such dance-floor monsters as Tiesto and David Guetta. Of course, it is more difficult to get close to the fees of these gentlemen, but ambition is not always measured in money.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 29063 dated July 5, 2023

Newspaper headline:
Stars want hits and get married

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