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At fashion shows at Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris, a bright trend was noticed – the heads of many models were literally covered in gel in a gangster manner. “Kommersant Style” finds out the details.

Classic men’s hairstyles at Fashion Weeks were far from classic: smooth “wet” hair, combed back buns, bandages reigned on the catwalks. Stylists seem to be calling for the return of wax and hair gel from the past, the last surge in popularity of which fell in the mid-1990s. However, for true cinephiles, hair gel is, first of all, a tribute to the golden age of Hollywood – remember film noir with the participation of Humphrey Bogart, Gregory Peck or Carry Grant. Over time, the fashion for smooth shiny hair has passed and men with such hairstyles have become firmly associated not with glamorous stars, but with the owners of strip clubs. But, as is often the case, the pendulum of the trend has swung the other way, and now this slicked back look suddenly seems modern and cool.

You can achieve this effect if you apply the gel on wet hair (stylists recommend using a comb with bristles – it’s easier to smooth your hair), and if you need to “varnish” curly hair, you will need a lot of gel, a hairdryer and possibly a special iron. However, for all those who have very thin or sparse hair, this trick is not recommended. You can use bandanas, thin bandages, zigzag headbands with fixation – this way you can achieve the desired effect without harming your hair.

Irina Kirienko

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