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Kommersant Style talks about how to smell good in the heat and why fashion perfumes for hair are directly related to wigs and open kitchens.

Hair fragrances are perfumes that are made specifically for hair. They go by many different names: sprays, mists, scented water, but they all have the same meaning – to give you a beautiful, light scent in a way that does not damage either your hair or the feelings of others. Unlike ordinary fragrances, they sound more delicate, they usually contain less alcohol or none at all, and in addition to perfume fragrances, they often add beneficial ingredients that nourish hair, retain moisture, and relieve frizz.

According to statistics, it is this category of hair fragrances that is growing today along with dry shampoos: according to new trends, hair can not be washed every day, and here the important role of such smokes becomes clear – to refresh. There is a direct connection with the Middle Ages, when wigs were not only powdered, but also sprayed with all sorts of perfumes, all in order to keep fresh.

In modern realities, due to the large number of open kitchens in restaurants, you definitely cannot do without such smokes, otherwise the smell of cooking will remain in your hair, which is especially important for owners of curly porous hair.

How is it to use these perfume sprays? The action is simple: you need to spray them from arm’s length onto dry hair, and then turn or shake your hair to activate the fragrance. This finishing touch can become a good beauty habit.

Irina Kirienko

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