Singer Akmal spoke about his personal life and love for Yulianna Karaulova


During a live broadcast at the MK press center, singer Akmal spoke about his relationship with the artist Yulianna Karaulova and about his girlfriend. Former participant of the project “Voice. Children ”recorded a duet with singer Yulianna Karaulova, which became the subject of discussion on the Web. The 19-year-old blogger explained why the duet song appeared with her.

“Now it’s fashionable to do duets with just anyone, but I don’t welcome this. My last duet came out with Yulianna Karaulova. I just really love this person, in show business I communicate with her best of all. We knew each other when I was still blogging, we shot joint videos. So it was a great joy for me to release a song with her. She taught me a lot and still teaches me to this day.”

When asked why the blogger keeps his personal life under lock and key, Akmal replied that his personal life is actually not such a big secret.

“As for my soulmate, I have it, and everyone knows it very well. I don’t want to just focus on it. I would like the attention to be focused on my work. After all, we each have a person who supports in life, and I have one, ”the artist explained.

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