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Kommersant Style talks about how to get in shape before a beach vacation to all those who are either too busy or too lazy.

Summer is in full bloom, which means it’s time for shorts, translucent multi-layered dresses, short skirts, and in the future – and sea holidays. The state of the figure suddenly becomes more relevant than at other times of the year, despite the fact that the concept of “body for the beach” is now recognized by many experts as hopelessly outdated. However, despite the advanced body-positive views, many are still looking for ways to quickly solve the problem of being overweight or sagging skin, and salons are importing new devices and announcing methods to help with this. Radio frequency, laser, which once dominated the facial aesthetics market, is now applied to body modeling as well. This year there are several new programs that are worth paying attention to.

Focused ultrasound

“The fastest way to get rid of extra centimeters is the hardware exposure to focused ultrasound,” says Tatyana Kirilyuk, dermatologist, specialist in Bella-systech hardware technologies. This technology is implemented in Ulfit and Ultraformer MPT devices: one of them is suitable for working out local areas and getting rid of “fat traps”, and the second one is suitable for the whole body. The technology is as follows: ultrasound directly affects the fat layer, breaks up adipocytes, simultaneously stimulating the production of collagen. A decrease in the fat layer, skin tone becomes noticeable. The doctor warns of possible nuances: since the process of fat cell breakdown occurs quickly, a toxic load arises for the body. “Before and after the procedure, it is better to adjust your lifestyle and diet, completely remove fatty foods, refrain from alcohol and drink plenty of water to stimulate the internal movement of fluids and fix the effect,” advises Tatyana.

Multi-micro-alveolar and electromagnetic stimulation

These complexly named technologies are good because they give the same cherished fast and visible thinning effect. They are embodied in different devices. Already known on the market, Icoone Laser, with the help of multi-micro-alveolar stimulation (MMAS), eliminates aesthetic defects of the skin by stimulating the connective tissue, and the functions of LED lifting and laser lipolysis embedded in it help to break down fat deposits that “do not take” diets and exercises. On the Btl Embody device, you can give relief to the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Tatyana Kesareva, body specialist at MilFay beauty salons, advises electromagnetic stimulation of muscle fiber neurons to everyone who cannot (for various reasons) get to the gym. Such passive relaxation training allows you to build muscle mass in 1-2 weeks, depending on the constitution of the body. She draws attention to several important points, such as the impact of stress. “This is a hidden enemy, so train your mind before you start training your body. Restless mode prevents you from training and eating properly, because at the biochemical level, cortisol, the stress hormone, eats up your precious muscles and prevents you from burning fat. And if you are cornered by stress, then intense training and a strict diet will only exacerbate the situation, ”she says. And she advises not to go on short-term fad diets and not splurge on expensive supplements, since, in her opinion, very few of them, except for protein, caffeine and creatine, have a proven effect.

Drainage and microvibrations

To reduce swelling (and this is one of the first enemies on the way to harmony), you need to deal with lymphatic drainage, because it is with the improvement of lymph flow that metabolic processes in the body are launched, fat deposits are reduced, and volumes are reduced. You can start drainage mesotherapy procedures, and later add the well-known and popular device “Endosphere” to the program. It works on the principle of compression and microvibration, tightens, “shrinks” the skin, enriches it with oxygen.

This combination of techniques allows you to change your size range, says the founder of the aesthetic medicine clinic, cosmetologist Olga Moroz. She advises paying attention to both nutrition and the quality of both supplements and injectables that are now on the market, and to refrain from using unregistered products, even if they are attractive in price.

Obviously, the question of nutrition arises when going through any programs and on any devices: it is clear that after the procedures you should not drink beer or eat sweets, and in general you need to carefully monitor your diet. Don’t let these settings get boring, because they can be adapted to suit any lifestyle and workload. Doctor of preventive medicine, nutritionist at the Biogena clinic Tatiana Semenova in addition to following seasonal trends in nutrition (which means eating what is ripening right now), it also recommends more variety, adding fruits, vegetables and greens to the diet of bright colors as they contain polyphenols, which have a beneficial effect on digestion and lower the glycemic index.

The sea is waiting for you, and even if you fail to use all the tips, but on vacation all this will be safely forgotten, and then perhaps next year it will be possible to form new habits and, as a result, get an updated slender silhouette.

Irina Kirienko

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