Shoigu checked combat training at the training grounds of the Southern Military District


Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu carried out an inspection of the combat training of military personnel under a contract at the training grounds of the Southern Eastern District, the Telegram channel of the Zvezda TV channel reported.

The report says that practical training is being held with the fighters on special tactical, medical, fire training, driving combat and special equipment, as well as on communications. Training is carried out according to an intensive program designed for 38 days, previously two-week individual training was carried out with military personnel.

The Minister of Defense also checked the training of tank crews, in particular, driving lessons and combat firing by T-90 Proryv tank crews. It was noted that all classes with fighters are conducted under the guidance of officers with combat experience gained during the special operation.

At the same time, military personnel of motorized rifle, tank and artillery units are being trained, and combat coordination is also being carried out as part of the units, which will continue after the departure of the unit.

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