Shirvindt reacted with causticity to the presentation of the year before last award


Alexander Shirvindt was presented on the stage with the year before last “Nika”. The presentation did not take place on time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For this, two important persons in our cinematography personally came to the Satire Theater – Andrei Konchalovsky and Julius Gusman. They took the stage as soon as the play “Where are we? …” ended, in which the president of “Satire” Alexander Shirvindt plays.

After the applause that hit the artists, Gusman and Konchalovsky entered the stage from two sides. The speech was started by Gusman: “Two years ago, the Nika Academy decided that the great Shirvindt deserved the highest award – “For Honor and Dignity”. Konchalovsky, before talking about Shirvindt, joked about Guzman, who was filming with him and with his improvisations delayed the shooting for as much as three hours.

Konchalovsky admitted that he feels “envy, gloating and hatred” for Shirvindt. Because all his life his mother told that the boy Shura would be a genius. Well, how to love this?

These feelings still live in me. I present this award to you, and see that they don’t steal it, – my dad said so, – Konchalovsky finished.

Shirvindt, accepting Nika, answered in his own spirit: “As Faina Ranevskaya said, all figurines and awards are funeral accessories. No other country in the world has this magic of receiving awards, and that’s great.”

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