Shakhtar and Spartak will play the main match of the summer in the Nizhny Novgorod regional football


In the Football Championship of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the second round of the zonal stage has started, when 14 teams are divided into 2 groups according to geographical principles. In the “North” group, Bor’s “Spartak” is in the lead, and in the south there is a tough “cutting” for 1 position, which, in the end, may not bring anything, but prestige and authority play an important role.

Bogorodsk “Spartak” and “Shakhtar” from Peshelan approach the face-to-face confrontation in the rank of two unconditional leaders of the “South” group. Shakhtar are in 1st place, while Spartak are only one point behind and, if they win in a head-to-head match, they will take another portion of three points from the Pitmen, which will play an important role in the autumn stage of the championship, where the gold medalists will be considered glasses.

The match between Spartak (Bogorodsk) and Shakhtar (Peshelan) is scheduled for July 8. The starting whistle will sound at 16:00. The hosts of the match will be broadcast live.

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