Sex and Sharon Stone are back on federal air


Last year, the film “Basic Instinct” exchanged its third decade. For 1992, Paul Verhoeven’s painting was an incredible scandalous challenge. Movie theaters didn’t usually show this before, and the thriller starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas was something of a breakthrough in what could be afforded for a mass audience.

A couple of years ago, the Franco-Spanish documentary “Basic Instinct: Sex, Death and Sharon Stone” was filmed, which has now reached the Russian airwaves. Previously, the display of such products was quite a common practice. Of course, everyone understood that this was not for the mass audience, but closer to the night it is possible, let the clever ones rejoice.

After the air was put practically into the “In the gun!” mode, there was no time for foreign documentaries, but here are some signs of a relatively stable TV life are returning. After the break, the once familiar documentary film language is perceived, of course, like a contrast soul. Everything seems to be simple. Interviews, fragments of the film, pieces of promotional materials from twenty years ago. Although such simplicity, of course, is quite expensive.

The film was interviewed by Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, director Paul Verhoeven, screenwriter Joe Esterhaz and director of photography Jan De Bont. There is a suspicion that this whole mighty team over the past years has repeatedly talked about the behind the scenes of the legendary film, but unlike our celebrities, no one portrayed boredom and fatigue, answering questions that may have already been asked more than once.

The final montage turned out to be an exciting detective story. The director and cameraman recalled how they wanted to fire Stone, because at first she was very nervous and nothing worked out for her in the frame. Michael Douglas (he was also a producer in the picture), with the pressure of a ruthless capitalist, spoke about the need to make sure that the actors worked like crazy, and then the film would benefit everyone. Esterhaz, with a very malicious face, walked around Verhoeven, with whom, as it turned out, he quarreled on the project and did not communicate for several years.

Finally, Sharon herself spoke in detail about all the scandalous scenes, tensions on the set, feelings of shame and pubic hair – in fact, they are not in the frame, but people in the context of the frank nature of the film might have seemed quite different. The actress recalled how she demanded to cut out that very scene with throwing legs, the director talked about his battle with the studio for a full-fledged rental in America, and everyone agreed that the release of Basic Instinct on the big screen was more like a miracle.

Stone is clearly the victim here, because in the next few years she had to prove to the directors her ability to play other roles. And the actress in detail, as if in a psychoanalyst’s chair, talks about her struggle for herself. To be honest, it was simply impossible to break away. And in the course of the revelations of the filming participants, it became quite obvious that in the presence of films about which it is not a shame to make a detailed documentary, there are hardly any actors who are able to express their point of view so consistently.

The main benefit of foreign docks, like everything foreign, is to broaden one’s horizons. It is very helpful to look at how others feel about their work and understand our true place in this frame of reference.


Television is not the fastest catcher of trends, but, in any case, it tries. The series about the life of a blogger was supposed to appear sooner or later, and now it is finally on the air. True, rather late than early.

In the series “Youth” blogging life is presented in the genre of comedy. The main character, millionaire blogger Alex, was rude to a child during the stream, sensitive advertisers backed off, and former income instantly evaporated. Intent on making amends with the offended boy, the network star travels to a children’s camp to shoot a story about how they spent an entire shift together. It is clear that Alex wants to spend a maximum of one day on everything, then edit the video and return the location of the partners. But the plan suddenly stalls, and the blogger has to become a real leader.

In general, a good idea, which is implemented with a twinkle. Yegor Kiryachok (pictured) as a blogger and Alexei Maklakov, who played the director of the camp, act as a cheerful duet, in the frame there is laughter, running around and a little romance – in general, quite a humorous series. However, the project was fatally unlucky with the information background. If it had been on the air a couple of years ago, it would have looked like the perfect comedy about people in the fashion profession. But now…

Now millionaire bloggers lead a slightly different lifestyle. They are either under investigation, or abroad, where they are trying to solve their tax problems, or in the reception rooms of various public organizations they beg for forgiveness and promise only the right content. It turns out that the comedy is not very relevant, unlike, say, a thriller. By the way, something similar may well be removed at the moment. It would be great if by the premiere such a film also turns out to be irrelevant, and blogging life becomes comedy again. Dreaming is not bad.

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