Seslavinsky showed Ernst the last photograph of Benois


On June 21, the Moscow Pushkin Museum hosted a press screening of the exhibition “The Book and Graphic World of Alexander Benois in the Collection of Mikhail Seslavinsky”, complemented by works by an outstanding graphic artist from the museum’s collection.

Book, magazine, graphic collection of Seslavinsky, associated with the name of Benois, was placed in several halls of the historic mansion on Prechistinka.

A number of iconic figures of modern culture came to the opening: Natalya Dmitrievna Solzhenitsyna, widow of the Nobel laureate in literature, writer Sergei Shargunov, poet, living classic Yuri Kublanovskiy, producer Konstantin Ernst and many others.

Ernst personally got acquainted with the exposition, in particular, Seslavinsky showed him a unique edition, where the last photograph of Benois was published.

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