Serpukhovichka ran 10 kilometers in Moscow at night


On July 8, the Night Run took place in Moscow. More than eight thousand people took part in it, including from the urban district of Serpukhov.

The participants started at 22:30 from Luzhniki, ran along Frunzenskaya and Prechistenskaya embankments, and finished at Luzhniki.

According to the results of the competition, a good result was shown by the physical education instructor of the MCFOSMR “Nadezhda” Alena Kushkovaya. She ran 303 out of 3,747 women in her age group and broke her personal best in the 10K.

Recall: July 8 in the forest of the city of Serpukhov on July 8 completed 56 races within the framework of the 5 miles project.

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