Serpukhov athletes won 12 medals at the Governor’s Swimming Cup


Competitions were held in Ruza.

Athletes from the Serpukhov sports school “Zvezda” again demonstrated their skills. They took part in the swimming competition in Ruza, where they competed for the medals of the Governor’s Swimming Cup.

The competition was serious: more than six hundred participants from forty teams from different cities of the Moscow region!

photo: Zvezda sports school

The city district of Serpukhov was represented by the best of the best – sixteen young swimmers training at the Zvezda sports school.

The guys performed successfully: they brought home 12 medals.

Ulyana Bataykina won two gold medals. Bogdan Kramarov, Rostislav Bazeev, Artem Kozhikhov also received top honors.

photo: Zvezda sports school

The winners of the competition were Anastasia Sokolova, Timofey Eremin, Daniil Korobkov, Nikita Komissarov, Georgy Minaev and Savely Petrunin.

photo: Zvezda sports school

Congratulations to our champions and their coaches! We wish you new victories!

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