Sergei Sobyanin spoke about the achievements of young Moscow inventors and scientists


Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the capital has a huge number of talented young people, real innovators, whom the city supports, the website of the Moscow Mayor reports. “A whole ecosystem for innovators has been created in the capital: the platform offers financial support and acceleration programs,” the mayor noted. In addition, championships and competitions for inventors are regularly held in Moscow.

According to Sobyanin, many modern innovators are not yet 35 years old, and their inventions are already being used in large-scale industries, in clinics, and at nuclear power plants. For example, mechanical engineer Ilya Petrov invented equipment that keeps food fresh using a mixture of pure gases. Milk packaged in a tetra pack in an artificially created gas environment can be stored for months. At the same time, the gases used are safe for people and do not affect the taste of the products.

Timofey Chibrikin participated in the development of 10 inventions, including a robot for repairing the lining of a spent fuel pool at nuclear power plants. The cladding sometimes cracks, radioactive fuel can leak, which is very dangerous. A person cannot go down into such a pool. The robot, according to Chibirkin, “looks for defects with ultrasound and repairs cracks with the help of welding equipment” and “already works at operating nuclear power plants.”

The capital, according to Sobyanin, has been supporting young talents since their school years: there are technical circles and children’s technology parks, where schoolchildren receive their first skills in IT, VR, aeromodelling, astronautics and other areas. You can continue the path of an inventor and scientist in high-tech companies, in particular, in the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone and technoparks, of which there are 52 in Moscow.

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