Russian tourist named three of the strangest fines in Germany


Blogger “Zena” listed the three most stupid fines in Germany

Traveler from Russia in a personal blog called “TravelManiac” on the platform “Zen” listed the three most stupid fines in Germany.

So, in Germany it is forbidden to feed pigeons in squares, parks and public places. “For the first feeding, they will be fined 35 euros (3.4 thousand rubles),” the Russian wrote. And for a repeated violation, you can get a bill up to 5,000 euros (488.4 thousand rubles).

Residents and guests of Germany, as the author writes, are forbidden to address police officers as “you”. This is interpreted as disrespect for the representative of the law, the blogger explained. The fine in this case may be 600 euros (58.6 thousand rubles).

Germans and foreigners in Germany also face fines for having too loud sex. “Up to 5,000 euros if the girl is a recidivist,” he said. “And the neighbors complain to the police more than once about loud noises from behind the wall.”

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