Russian inventor came up with a flying taxi


It must not fall, even if all the engines fail.

A patent for an unusual vehicle was recently received by Moscow inventor Vasily Yatsenko. The aircraft designed by him will combine the properties of an autogyro and a quadrocopter.

To date, the most mobile vehicles for small aircraft are aircraft with multiple propellers (tri-quadcopters and multicopters). They can take off vertically, move quickly (reach speeds up to 150-200 km / h), can hover in the air, and maneuver well. Their disadvantage is that in the event of a failure of one of the engines, there is a high probability of falling. In some quadcopters, in such cases, the second engine is turned off, so that the device maintains its balance and can land without crashing. But if one more engine fails, the fall is inevitable. Helicopters are quite expensive. At one time, they tried to launch taxi helicopters in the capital, but due to the cost and limited routes, the idea had to be abandoned.

Quite another thing is the gyroplane. This is an analogue of a helicopter that can do without a motor: it is lifted into the air and held by a propeller that rotates under the influence of an air flow on it. It is enough to unwind the screw once on the ground, the aircraft takes off and moves without a motor. The problem with such a device is that it moves rather slowly, and in calm weather the gyroplane cannot take off vertically, it needs at least a small runway. In addition, he cannot hang in place for a long time: having stopped moving, the gyroplane descends to the ground. However, this is its advantage: if the screw is in good condition, it does not fall, but lands calmly.

As it became known to MK, the Muscovite’s invention is a hybrid of a gyroplane and a quadrocopter. In fact, this is an autogyro with four propellers located near the wheels of the aircraft. Thanks to them, the device will be able to easily take off and gain decent speed. On such a taxi, in theory, it is really possible to get from one end of Moscow to the other in a few minutes. And, thanks to the propeller of the autogyro, it will not fall, even if all the engines fail.

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