Russian Cup winner moved to Tekstilshchik from Ivanovo


Ivanovo “Tekstilshchik” continues to complete the composition for the start of the new season of the Second League, which is scheduled for July 16. “Tekstilshchik” in the first round will play on the road against “Salyut” from Belgorod.

Over the past few days, the fans and the football community have begun to form a picture of the new composition of the Ivanovo Tekstilshchik, which will have to fight for entry into the First League for almost a calendar year, where Tekstilshchik played from 2019 to 2022.

The main and most status newcomer of “Tekstilshchik” on July 7 is Alexei Skvortsov, a football player with vast experience in playing in the First League and the RPL. In the First League, he was remembered for playing for Pari Nizhny Novgorod, and in the RPL he was one of the key players in Tosno. Together with a team from the Leningrad region, Alexey became the owner of the Russian Cup.

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