Russian circuses plan to take to a new level: what will change


The Ministry of Culture has developed a strategy for the development of circus art

The plans for the development of circus art in Russia until 2030 were shared by the Ministry of Culture. It is planned to develop both the institutions that are part of the Russian State Circus system and the main circuses of the country.

The document, submitted for discussion on Thursday, June 29, says that the country’s main circus, the Great Moscow State Circus on Vernadsky Avenue, should be overhauled and re-equipped before 2028. In addition, by 2025 it is planned to fully restore 5 stationary circuses (Ekaterinburg, Voronezh, Tver, Irkutsk, Volgograd state circuses). Until 2027, 6 Russian circuses (Ufa, Kirov, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Orenburg, Perm state circuses) are planned to be reconstructed. There are also plans to restore and integrate into the all-Russian system of circuses in Donetsk and Lugansk.

As for circus programs, they are also planned to be improved. The authors of the document note that some domestic circuses could take an example from foreign ones. Thus, we now almost completely lack world-class innovative high-tech shows, such as those at the Du Soleil Circus, and shows of illusionists, like the performances of David Copperfield and Chris Angel. In addition, abroad there are many amateur or professional circus artists with separate numbers and programs, usually performing on stage or on the street. This is also a promising direction of development: the work of such artists “creates an attractive flavor for the development of tourism.”

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