Russian actress dies after refusing hospitalization


Actress Lilia Gribova dies two hours after doctors visit

Actress Liliya Gribova, who played in the series “Kremlin Cadets” and “Bros”, died two hours after visiting the ambulance, reports IA Regnum. It happened on May 30th. The actress became ill, doctors called her, they examined her and offered to take her to the hospital.

However, Gribova, who, by the way, was 91 years old, refused to go to the hospital. After some time, as the doctors left, she died. During her lifetime, she suffered from cerebral ischemia and other chronic diseases.

It is noted that now the police are conducting a check on the fact of death and are interviewing emergency doctors who visited Gribova.

In addition to “Kremlin Cadets” and “Brothers”, Gribova played in the series “Frozen”, “Police Says!”, “Crazy” and others. The last time a film with her participation was released in 2014 – it was “Grandfather of my dreams”, in which she played a cameo role.

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