Rosstandart indicated how to preserve fish


In some cases, the fish may be in scales and with fins.

International GOST, which determines what the “correct” canned fish should be, was adopted by Rosstandart, as well as similar departments of the EurAsEC countries. The standard describes for the first time the general requirements for the preparation of fish delicacies.

The document establishes three categories of canned fish – from fish that has undergone primary heat treatment, that has not passed it, and also from minced fish. In the latter case, processing is required. The standard also specifies which vegetable additives can be used in the manufacture of canned food. For example, cereals for canned herring, sprats, anchovy and capelin cannot be used. But in the manufacture of a product from the Caspian sprat, you can use rice or pearl barley.

Mackerel, horse mackerel, capelin and silver carp can be canned with scales, but only on condition that the size of the fish does not exceed 30 cm. Also with scales, you can roll herring and cod fish into canned food. Separate scales can be in sardinella, sardine and silver carp longer than 30 cm. And in fish less than 10 cm long, you can not even cut off the fins.

Canned fish can be a carcass, back, fillet, fillet piece, as well as chopped pieces. The manufacturer is allowed to preserve in another form, but this must be properly notified to the consumer on the packaging. GOST will come into force on May 1 next year.

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