Rosstandart approved new rules for cutting sharks


GOST applies to fish intended for human consumption

The criteria that cartilaginous frozen fish must meet have been approved by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart). The new interstate GOST “Frozen cartilaginous fish” was adopted to replace the standard “Frozen shark for export” that has been in force since 1975: now correctly frozen fish will be supplied to the domestic market.

If the previous standard contained a clear list of marine predators that can be frozen for subsequent delivery to shops and restaurants, then the new document refers to all fish that have cartilaginous skeletons.

According to the standard, the fish may not be butchered before freezing. And the tail spike should be removed from the stingray.

By type of cutting, fish is divided into several categories. If the gills and part of the entrails are removed, then the fish is called gilled. There are also gutted and “gutted decapitated”.

The temperature in the thickness of the fish should not be lower than minus 18 degrees. Glaze in the form of an ice crust is allowed, which should not peel off when lightly tapped. In the manufacture of frozen fish, food additives can be used.

The new standard will come into effect on May 1 next year, but if desired, shark and ray harvesters can use it now.

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