Rospotrebnadzor recorded an increase in the incidence of meningitis in St. Petersburg


In St. Petersburg, more cases of meningitis were detected in six months than in 2022

For six months of this year, 17 cases of meningitis occurred in St. Petersburg, of which one ended in death, the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor reported.

The same number of cases and deaths was recorded for the whole of 2022, and a year earlier, 10 people were infected with meningococcal infection in the city, and two died.

At the same time, Rospotrebnadzor noted that the cases recorded this year are isolated.

On July 5, the department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Sverdlovsk region reported an outbreak of meningitis among employees of one of the Ozon distribution centers. The number of infected has already reached eight people, two of the sick have died.

Meningococcus, an infection that causes meningitis, is spread by airborne droplets at close range or through close contact between people.

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