"Rone": Alone on a bike, not counting the dog


Once upon a time in Moscow there was a girl Anya (Olga Lerman, known for the film “Kalashnikov” and the TV series “Rodkom”). She rented an apartment in half with a friend (Alina Alekseeva, the TV series “Unscrupulous” and the film “Fir-Needles”), kept a dog and worked as an SMS messenger for a glamorous Instagram blogger (Instagram belongs to Meta, recognized as extremist and banned in Russia) Maria Gorban (Maria Gorban, series “Project “Anna Nikolaevna” and “Fashion Syndicate”).

When no one came to her for her thirtieth birthday, except for the courier of the delivery service (Askar Ilyasov, the series Patient Zero and Epidemic) and the uninvited ex (Dmitry Chebotarev – the villain from Major Grom), Anya decided that in life she needed to urgently change something. The next morning, taking her dog with her, she got on her bike and went to her native Nizhny Novgorod to see her mother (Elena Yakovleva, the film “Intergirl” and the trilogy about “The Last Hero”), whom she had not seen for 13 years.

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