Roman Evdokimov will play the captain of a football team


Shooting of the sports-crime comedy has begun

Roman Evdokimov reincarnated on the set in a variety of characters, but he was not yet the captain of the football team. And now the actor became the main character in a sports drama. Which, however, can turn into a comedy.

In the new series, the shooting of which started the other day, Roman plays the captain of a football team. However, the matter is not limited to sports passions. According to the plot, the provincial club takes off from the championship for financial reasons. For the players, this is a real tragedy, and in order to return to the game, they are ready for a scam. In order to earn the money necessary to participate in the championship, players become partners with a local criminal businessman and try to smuggle contraband into China. As a result, instead of the desired money, the team gets a lot of problems.

Sports drama is an exciting genre in its own way, and given the popularly beloved sport, it can be a success. But the creators of the series clearly do not want to be limited only to football passions, and as a result, sport in this case is only an entourage, and football players are more like heroes of a crime comedy. Together with Roman Evdokimov, Valeria Repina, Maxim Belborodov, Igor Khripunov, Mila Isaeva, Alexander Klyukvin, Kristina Babushkina and other actors will show sports passion.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 29045 dated June 7, 2023

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Crime football

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