Rive Gauche and Monochrome launched a joint project – Kommersant


The Rive Gauche perfume and cosmetics chain and the fashion brand Monochrome have launched a project that unites the world of fashion and perfumery. In the boutique at 14 Stoleshnikov Pereulok and in the stores of the chain, one could take part in the voting and choose a fragrance that is associated with fashion and meets the oversize, unisex, naturalness, and colors criteria. They chose from the perfume brands Orto Parisi, 27 87, Psychotic London, Jusbox, and according to the voting results, Genetic Bliss of the Spanish brand 27 87 scored the highest number of points. Now it will become the official fragrance of the boutique and will sound both indoors and accompany every purchase. Interestingly, the Genetic bliss fragrance is considered molecular, belongs to the unisex category and, according to the intention of the creators, has the ability to adapt to the individual natural smell of the one who wears it.

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