Revealed the state of the family of the late Yuri Shatunov


The capital of the family of the late Yuri Shatunov reaches 6 million euros

The multimillion-dollar legacy of the late singer Yuri Shatunov will be received by his widow and children. This is reported

According to the source, the musician’s relatives left a two-story mansion in Sochi, the cost of which is estimated by experts at 25 million rubles. He also owns a one-room apartment on Kantemirovskaya Street in Moscow for about 12 million rubles.

At the same time, Shatunov’s relatives live in Germany, where the artist also has a mansion for 375 million rubles. Journalists note that a rich fleet of vehicles and accounts in foreign banks may well round up the fortune of the late star to 6 million euros (more than 560 million rubles).

It is specified that if Shatunov did not leave a will, all property will pass in the order of legal priority to his widow and two children.

Recall that Yuri Shatunov died on June 23, 2022. The cause of death of the 48-year-old singer was a heart attack.

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