Renovated Korloff boutique opens in Dubai Mall – Kommersant


After six months of renovation, the Dubai boutique of the Korloff jewelry brand opened its doors again. The interior of the store is decorated in warm colors of brown and beige with gold accents.

In honor of the rediscovery, the talisman of the jewelry house, the Korloff Noir black diamond, which began the history of the brand, is presented to the judgment of luxury connoisseurs. According to the firm’s historiography, French businessman and diamond dealer Daniel Paillassere bought a 200-carat rough diamond from representatives of the Russian Karlov-Sapozhnikov family in 1978. The 73-facet cut, made by the masters of the Belgian company Krochmal & Lieber, visually increases the volume of the diamond, provides maximum brilliance and reflection of light.

The 88-carat gemstone (according to the Guinness Book of Records, this is the largest black diamond in the world) has not only bewitching beauty, but also legendary power, bringing happiness and prosperity to everyone who touches it.

Elizabeth Fedutinova

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