Putin discussed with the head of Roskosmos the development of a low-orbit group


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, June 30, met with the head of Roskosmos Yuri Borisov.

The head of state recalled that the day before, the issue of creating and using a low-orbit constellation was discussed at the ASI forum. According to the president, “there are problems associated with the engine, first of all, to keep the altitude.”

Putin recalled that Borisov had already proposed involving private companies in solving this problem, and suggested discussing this issue.

In 2015, OneWeb signed a contract with Russia to launch satellites into Earth orbit to provide access to broadband Internet. From 2019 to February 2022, Russia implemented 13 OneWeb satellite launches into orbit, all of which are successful. After the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, cooperation was terminated. Launches instead of Russia are carried out by India.

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