Pushkov was skeptical about the prospects for Ukraine’s entry into NATO in parts


Member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov in his Telegram channel commented proposals made in the West to accept Ukraine into NATO in parts.

According to the Russian senator, this plan, broadcast by the ex-secretary general of the alliance Anders Rasmussen, reflects the difficult situation in which supporters of Ukraine’s admission to NATO have fallen.

“This very strange thought, as well as no less strange references to the inclusion of the FRG in NATO in 1955 (!), reflects the extreme confusion in the Western alliance about this,” Pushkov believes.

He stressed that such a development of events would still mean that the alliance would have to enter the conflict on the side of Ukraine. Otherwise, he would have to sign for the inability to fulfill his obligations.

“In this scenario, which aims to avoid the issue of territories over which Kiev has lost control, the West falls into another political trap … It looks like a doomed, desperate attempt at least this way … to push Ukraine into the alliance,” the parliamentarian summed up.

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