Producer Fadeev demanded an apology from Nargiz and threatened to sue


Producer Maxim Fadeev urged Nargiz to stop insulting Russia

Producer Maxim Fadeev commented on the scandal with the singer Nargiz. He published all the details of the situation in his Telegram channel.

Fadeev said that after the termination of the contract with Nargiz in August 2019, she was forbidden to perform his works. For some time, the singer publicly behaved with restraint and continued to perform compositions, despite the ban. The producer simply turned a blind eye to this.

However, the turning point for Fadeev was Nargiz’s statement about Russia and the inhabitants of the country, after which he was banned from entering for 50 years. “It remains unclear: why do songs in the “enemy” Russian language still prevail in her repertoire to this day?” The producer asked.

Fadeev spoke about an incident that occurred at the end of May in Almaty, where Nargiz came with a concert. His lawyers notified the venue that the performance would be considered copyright infringement. But the administration of the bar ignored the notice. As a result, the case went to trial.

Fadeev threatened to sue all future possible concert organizers Nargiz Zakirova. And he urged the singer to apologize for her lie and stop vilifying the country, which for several years was her home and place of earning a lot of money.

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