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The exhibition Gesti universali (“Universal gestures”) has opened in Rome. It presents more than 30 works by the sculptor Giuseppe Penone, who represents the art movement Arte Povera, “poor art”. Poverty lies in the deliberate rejection of the excessively decorative forms of classical art and the heightened attention to natural materials. In the case of the Gesti universali exhibition, held in the luxurious neoclassical interiors of the Galleria Borghese, the contrast between Penone’s organic sculptures and the multicolored marble of the gallery further enhances the impression.

The route of the exhibition is built from the four halls of the museum to the open space in the park of Villa Borghese. The combination of marble, sculptures and decorations with an organic mixture of leaves, leather and a key element of Penone’s creativity – wood, symbolizes the connection of two universes. Bronze works in synthesis with the botanical richness of exteriors are a new interpretation of the relationship between landscape and sculpture. The exhibition, organized with the support of the house of Fendi, is open until May 28, 2023.

Elizabeth Fedutinova

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