Pirated Internet content allowed to be blocked pending trial


The decision was made by the Supreme Court

Copyright and related rights can be protected before the creator files a lawsuit against pirates and manages to prove his authorship. This conclusion was reached by the plenum of the Supreme Court of Russia.

As explained in its ruling, even before the start of the trial, literary, musical and other audio and video materials posted on the Internet can be blocked before the start of the trial. To do this, the author will need to provide the court with documentary evidence that his work is being used by someone else against his will. Such, in particular, can be screenshots (pictures from a computer screen), as well as audio and video recordings (if, in the opinion of the author, pirates use his music or video recordings for their own purposes).

Such blocking is part of preliminary interim measures, that is, measures that should ensure the protection of the applicant’s property rights before the official filing of the claim. The decision to take such measures can be taken by the Moscow City Court: the main organizations involved in the protection of copyright and related rights (the Russian Authors’ Society, the All-Russian Society of Intellectual Property, etc.) are located in Moscow.

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