Perm scientists have invented a “smart” jaw for training dentists


It will be carried by a medical robot

The “smart” jaw, with which future dentists can learn the basics of the profession, was developed by scientists from the Perm National Research Polytechnic University with the assistance of specialists from the local medical and metropolitan medical and dental universities.

An anthropomorphic robot simulator, previously created at the Polytechnic University, was equipped with a smart jaw, on which doctors of various specialties can hone their skills. The development consists of models of the jaw and removable teeth, some of which will also be “smart”. On this device, it will be possible to practice 4 dental operations: caries treatment, milling a tooth for a crown, treatment of a tooth root, as well as its removal.

Photo: Perm National Research Polytechnic University

As Alexander Yuzhakov, head of the Department of Automation and Telemechanics, Doctor of Technical Sciences, explained to MK, “smart” teeth and jaw are equipped with sensors that determine the pressure exerted on the artificial gum, their temperature during dental procedures, as well as vibration.

In addition, operations are monitored by video cameras that record the width and depth of the channels that future dentists make in artificial teeth. Information from the control devices is transmitted to the “brain” of the artificial patient, and if the student does something that could harm, the robot reacts to it. For example, he can say “it hurts”, and if it hurts a lot, then wave his arms or legs.

Photo: Perm National Research Polytechnic University

According to the developers, their brainchild allows you to create a more complete imitation of the work of a dentist. Today, future dentists are forced to train on models that can be approached from any direction, while in real life they have to work in a small oral cavity. When treating roots, a specialist can only rely on his tactile sensations at all. In addition, ordinary dummies do not give feedback. The simulator brings the conditions of operations as close as possible to the real ones.

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