People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Alexei Shmarinov died


People’s Artist of Russia Alexei Shmarinov dies at the age of 90

Honored Artist of the RSFSR, academician and member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts was a representative of the famous artistic dynasty, the Academy noted. The main theme of his work was “the heroic history and modern life of Russia, the original beauty of his native land.”

“To see in nature and show in his works the divine beauty of the universe,” the Russian Academy of Arts said in a statement, “the author set such a super-task in numerous landscape images.”

Shmarinov was the compiler and artist of a series of books-collections “Heroic Russia. Stories of Russian chronicles and military stories of the XIV-XVI centuries”, “Who with a sword …”, “On the Kulikovo field”. Author of easel graphic series “Kamchatka”, “Sky above the Motherland”, “Non-Black Earth”, publicistic series “Let’s save our Earth”. Since 1997, Shmarinov has directed the Creative Graphics Workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts.

“Aleksey Dementievich made a significant contribution to the development of national art education, the preservation of cultural heritage,” the Academy noted.

The time and place of farewell will be announced later.

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