Passenger throws tantrum on plane over imaginary passenger


Daily Mail: Tourist throws tantrum on plane over imaginary passenger

On board an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Fort Worth, a tourist threw a tantrum over an imaginary passenger. This publication reports Daily Maildrawing attention to the video from the social network TikTok, which went viral on the Web.

In the published footage, a woman walks along the aisle between chairs and screams.

“I’m telling you, I’m going crazy, and there’s a reason why I’m going crazy. Everyone can either believe in it or not, ”said the girl, walking through the cabin of the aircraft.

After a while, she began to point her finger at the back of the plane and stated that the person she imagined was “not real.” She also kept saying that passengers could get on the plane and “die with it”, but she wouldn’t do that. As a result, the woman left the aircraft.

According to one of the commentators, because of the incident, the flight was delayed for three hours.

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