“Otari didn’t want to die”: a colleague explained the diagnosis of the deceased star surgeon


Did his job brilliantly

The sudden death of star surgeon Otari Gogiberidze shocked the world of show business. Many celebrities improved their appearance from him. For example, Polina Dibrova owed her magnificent breasts to Otari.

During his lifetime, Gogiberidze did not talk much about his star patients – he kept medical secrets. He also remained silent about the fact that he could not recover from the consequences of Covid. Only those closest to him knew that he was ill.

“Otari, of course, did not want to die,” says his colleague Alexander Vdovin. “He didn’t even think about it.” He made plans and constantly developed his skills. A very nice man, very humane. I’ve known him for a very long time, so I know what I’m talking about. I even had a consultation once – I wanted him to “do” my nose. We discussed everything with him on a positive, kind, friendly note. He was an excellent doctor – a true professional in his field. Insanely talented person. I had patients for whom he performed plastic surgery. Everything was done beautifully – there’s nothing to complain about. His hands, of course, were golden.

The ex-wife of star surgeon Yana Laputina said that after Covid, Otari began to have problems with blood vessels. And he died due to a heart attack. Vdovin explained Gogiberidze’s diagnosis.

“Many surgeons have problems with blood vessels,” says Vdovin. “We have to stand on our feet for a long time during operations. Covid, of course, has made everything worse. Unfortunately, sooner or later, we will all leave this world. But it’s still a shame that talented people leave us so early. There are very few good doctors who really show excellent results. Otari was just like that – a master of his craft, to which he devoted his entire life.

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