Oskelly resale platform enters the Eastern market – Kommersant


The Oskelly resale platform is one of the premier projects in the world of premium luxury clothing that resells clothes, shoes and accessories from new or vintage collections. With the growing popularity of resale and the trend towards conscious consumption, such projects are growing and gaining popularity. Now Oskelly will work not only in Russia, but also entered the international market – the platform opened a representative office in the UAE and entered the Middle East.

The purchase process remains the same as in Russia: the client completes the purchase, after which the goods are checked and sent to the new owner. Platform representatives check each item using two-factor authentication – first it is checked for authenticity within the company, after which a team of experts issues a certificate of originality. Oskelly representatives claim that at the initial stage the range will overlap with the Russian one, and then an exclusive selection of items and accessories will appear in the UAE.

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