Opposition Moldovan writer Vladimir Tseslyuk dies of cancer


In November 2022, he turned 70 years old

On July 1, the life of the famous writer and publicist Vladimir Tseslyuk ended in Chisinau.

The cause of death of a writer and employee of the leading publications of the Moldavian SSR (Dnestrovskaia Pravda, Sovetskaya Moldavia), and then the head of a major news agency, was cancer, Nikita Tseslyuk exclusively told MK. The funeral is scheduled for the coming Wednesday or Thursday, with the writer’s son arriving from Toronto.

IN interview with our publication Vladimir Tseslyuk once again spoke out in defense of the rights of Russian-speaking fellow citizens in May last year:

– You have to be a brave person to fight the Russian language here. In Moldova, he is in the blood. He is in the walls of houses, on roads, in nature …

Also, Tseslyuk did not share the pro-Romanian aspirations of Chisinau, called for solving the problem of the status of Transnistria through negotiations and federalization of the country.

Recall that Vladimir Tseslyuk was born on November 5 in Kazakhstan, graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, was a member of the Union of Journalists and the Association of Russian Writers of Moldova, the author of prose books and fiction documentaries.

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