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“Kommersant Style” tells why the flavors in the form of rollerballs are interesting and which ones are worth paying attention to.

Many of the best-selling fragrances come in the form of rollerballs. Why, when there is the option of mini-packs or sprays? It is the ball form of application that is recognized as the most convenient and safe for travel. As a rule, the bottles of such perfumes are portable in themselves (from 5 to 20 ml), and therefore they fit in a small bag and are easy to apply without spreading the fragrance itself to others (try to discreetly apply a spray on an airplane). Thanks to this travel bond, these fragrances can take you to pleasant memories whenever you wear them and in your daily life – a kind of scented souvenir that is definitely more interesting than a fridge magnet.

Experts also advise using such perfumes for short city trips, and in cases where you need to test a new smell – such a roller is much more economical than a full-size bottle. Interestingly, perfumes in this format are often produced in the form of oils, and in addition to their direct purpose – aromatization – they also have moisturizing properties, they should be applied to pulse points, and due to the high concentration of oils, these perfumes stay on the skin for a long time.

Irina Kirienko

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