Newsweek called the reason for the successful containment of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Newsweek: Russian aviation successfully deters the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the West, they called the main reason for the Russian troops to contain the counteroffensive of the Ukrainians. Russia has excellent aviation. This opinion was expressed by Vuk Vuksanovic, an analyst at the LSE IDEAS Center at the London School of Economics. His words are quoted by Newsweek.

The expert believes that air superiority in such conditions is necessary for the successful implementation of plans. Ukraine has essentially no aviation. While Russia effectively uses Alligator helicopters and Lancet drones.

He accused Vuksanovic and Western mentors of miscalculations. NATO representatives believed that the Ukrainian army should be well trained and equipped. However, they forgot that the attack on well-fortified areas is a very complex form of hostilities. During the preparations for the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Russia built fortified areas. In front of them are zones that are well shot through by artillery and minefields.

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