“New people” proposed to take into account the time of transfer of prisoners on account of the term


State Duma deputy from the New People faction Ksenia Goryacheva sent a bill to the government and the Supreme Court, according to which the time of transfer to the place of serving is proposed to be taken into account in terms of the term of imprisonment. This is reported TASS with a link to the document.

Changes are proposed to be made to Art. 72 of the Criminal Code (calculation of terms of punishments and offset of punishment). According to the text of the document, one day of transferring a convict is counted as one day of serving a sentence in a prison, a correctional colony (CI) of strict and special regime, as a day and a half of serving a sentence in an educational colony, a correctional colony of general regime, as two days of serving a sentence in a colony-settlement.

Ksenia Goryacheva proposes to introduce the same changes for convicts who are left in a pre-trial detention center (SIZO) or temporarily transferred there.

Ms. Goryacheva explains the initiative by the fact that the prisoners who are transported to the place of deprivation of liberty are “actually even more limited in their rights” than those who are in custody. She notes that during the transfer, prisoners are deprived of sleep at night due to the inspection of the cell during the change of sentries, they cannot use the toilet during long train stops. In her opinion, the adoption of the bill will make it possible to compensate for the inconvenience of prisoners.

Polina Motyzlevskaya

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