Muscovites warned about a record cold snap in the middle of the week


Forecaster “Phobos”: Wednesday in Moscow could be the coldest day in the last 75 years

Autumn weather will come to Central Russia and Moscow by the middle of the coming week. During the day it will be no higher than plus 16, and Wednesday has a chance to become the coldest day in the last 75 years. Evgeny Tishkovets, the leading specialist of the Phobos weather center, told about this.

“Summer will be defeated on atmospheric fronts,” the meteorologist predicts. “And the residents of Moscow and Central Russia will find themselves in an Arctic bag.” Tishkovets noted that the week will start with plus 17 – 22, but on Tuesday afternoon it will be plus 14 – 19.

“By Wednesday, the thermometers will fluctuate from plus 11 to plus 16,” the meteorologist said. – And at night the minimum temperature is plus 6 – plus 11. “July 12 could be the coldest day in 75 years,” Tishkovets said.

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